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News & Updates

Julius Knapp Named EMC+SIPI 2017 Symposium Keynote Speaker!

Mr. Knapp has been with the FCC for 42 years and has served as the Chief of the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) since 2006. Mr. Knapp’s August 7th presentation on Achieving EMC In An Everything-Wireless World will be broadcast LIVE online FREE OF CHARGE…

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What is the EMC+SIPI 2017 Online Symposium?

The EMC+SIPI 2017 ONLINE SYMPOSIUM is the IEEE EMC Society’s first online conference and will be broadcast live from, and co-hosted with, the traditional 2017 EMC Symposium in-person event in Washington, D.C., August 7 to 11, 2017. This new 5-day, digital event will feature an expansive schedule and selection of live, online webinars and presentations with topics including EMI/EMC, RFI, and signal and power integrity.

Registrants and attendees of the online conference will have the opportunity to learn a wide range of new and established EMI/EMC, SI and PI design and testing techniques, without the need for travel. The Advanced Program is currently in preparation but is likely to include topics such as grounding, shielding, filtering, testing standards and test setups, test performance and recording, and pre-compliance work. SI/PI content will include power distribution design and measurement techniques, decoupling, new technologies including Thru Silicon Vias (TSVs), analysis methods, materials characterization, and fixture de-embedding.

“2017 EMC+SIPI ONLINE SYMPOSIUM provides a parallel online learning experience to our physical 2017 EMC Symposium. You can “attend” the symposium live from the comfort of your office chair or you can selectively watch recorded content at your leisure. This new feature allows remote attendance, and if you are onsite at the Symposium, it also solves the problem of having to choose between presentations occurring at the same time. It’s going be an exciting event, connecting engineers globally to be able to network and learn more in the field of EMI/ EMC – we are anticipating a large attendance.”

– Mr. Mike Violette, 2017 Conference General Chair

Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities for the
EMC+SIPI 2017 Online Symposium

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities for the EMC+SIPI 2017 Physical Symposium in Washington DC

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